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EKF shogo benkyokai in Lilleshall/UK

The first EKF shogo benkyokai was held at Lilleshall near Birmingham in the United Kingdom. Sixteen Shogo from France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland und the UK joined in for a weekend of intensive kyudo practice and study.
  Video sessions reviewing this year's instruction and wealth of information from the IKYF seminar in Paris, as well as analysing various other sources, were used to help the participants better understand the shooting technique (shagi) and improve the basis for practice within the EKF.

The benkyokai in Lilleshall was self-lead and self-taught. In future this may change if Japanese teachers can be encouraged to join the event and lead the seminar. It is hoped that the ANKF/IKYF will support the development of the shogo level in Europe.

Gérald Zimmermann, September 2012