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EKF-Taikai 2013 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The 12th European Taikai was held at Amsterdam in the Netherlands on 25th and 26th May. A total of 68 kyujin participated in this year's Taikai and 20 teams from 16 countries registered for the event. On the first day of the competition the team 1 from Germany won after four rounds of four arrows and 33 hits. Second place went to France 1 with 29 hits followed by Spain 1 with 25 hits.

The best 20 kyujin of the team taikai also qualified for the individual competition which was held on the second day. The individual competition was over five rounds of two arrows. It was won by Patricia Stalder from France with eight hits, followed by Johannes Maringer from Germany and Diethard Leopold of Austria. The Style Award was awarded to Patricia Stalder by the judging panel, for good and consistent form.


- Overview of the results (XLS/51KB)
- Pictures of opening and taikai
- Pictures of individual taikai

  Liam O'Brien, kyoshi 7th dan and chairman of the judging panel, commented on the event with the following words:

"In kyudo practice we follow the Budo principle of 'shin- gi- tai, heart-technique-body'. This means that feeling and technique are expressed in the body as one complete activity that is inseparable. Although in a sense these aspects of the action of practice are equal, the foundation of activity is 'kokoro' or feeling energy. The three diseases of kyudo are 1. lack of practice, 2. yurumi, 3. hayake. Both yurumi and hayake are caused by a lack of feeling and will power and effect hitting the target. Yurumi is a lose of nobiai and the hari of shooting, and hayake is a lose of tsumeai - the foundation of nobiai.

Looking at the competiton this weekend, the predominance of medebiki and medebanare was most evident and effected the results. Especially with awasebanare, the hari between the tsunomi of the left hand and the elbow of the right arm must be kept in balance. This was lacking in most of the shooting.

Our practice must start with kiai and positive energy. Even if the form is a bit clumsy and crude, the basics of technique must be there, and the will power to keep the hari and not make yurumi must be maintained as well as keeping the nerai without stopping nobiai.

Although the hitting average was generally low, those teams and individuals who were placed had this concentration and will power. It was also good to see more countries taking part in the Taikai and demonstrating the understanding that competition is good for your kyudo practice and for developing our kyudo community."