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EKF TAIKAI 2015 in Moscow/Russia

According to the decision of the General Meeting the 13th EKF Taikai was held in Moscow. Unfortunately, not all member countries supported the event but in the end kyujin from 10 nations arrived in Moscow.

In cooperation with the EKF Taikai coordinator all preparations concerning the planning and the content could be implemented successfully and the participants met in the venue a well-organized, by many helpers supported structure so that the competition could run smoothly. Another advantage was that the hotel was right next to the Shajo. 
  The first day of competition decided on the team score and who was allowed to start the individual taikai on the next day. 20 arrows were shot per archer.

The results:
1 Germany 2 39/60
2 Switzerland 1 35/60
3 Germany 2 29/60

On Saturday night, the participants had the opportunity to enjoy a three-hour city tour by bus, so that the trip to Moscow had not only the hall and the way to and from the airport as an impression but also the vast extent and the culture of Moscow.

On Sunday morning, the 20 best archers of the day before started in the individual championship.

As referees Tryggvi Sigurdsson, Feliks F. Hoff and Laurence Oriou conducted the event.
Gérald Zimmermann (Switzerland) reached with 8 of 10 hits uncontested the 1st place.
Since two archers had reached 7/10 a tie break was necessary. Tobias Oswald (Germany) reached after the enkin the 2nd and Peter Humm (Switzerland) the 3rd place.
The style price was also presented for his good and above all very constant shooting form to Peter Humm.

Thanks to all who supported that event but especially to the young Russian Kyudo Federation.

F. Hoff - EKF taikai coordinator

- Overview of the results (XLS/51KB)
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