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EKF TAIKAI 2021 - European Championship in Bourges/France

Taikai is an integral and important part of Kyudo-practice. In Japan competitions for different age groups and practitioners of different levels of taikai practice are common. In Europe there is a long tradition of holding the EKF taikai every second year.

It is with great pleasure that we send out the invitation to the EKF-Regional Seminar 2021 and the EKF Taikai 2021. Both events will be organized by the French CNK. The French CNK has finalizing the information package and the application documents. All documents will directly be sent out to the national representatives.

We are well aware that the health situation in Europe at the end of June/beginning of July cannot be predicted. However, we still keep a positive attitude and we would like to go on with the application process and send out the details now so that the EKF countries to have enough time to prepare, make their selections for the taikai and inform their members.

We hope that many participants from EKF member federations will take part in these events, both in the seminars and in the team and the individual competitions.

The EKF Annual General Meeting 2021 will take place on 1st July after the individual taikai. The preliminary agenda and further details will be sent out in due time.

GĂ©rald Zimmermann
Tryggvi Sigurdsson
Chairman EKF-Shidoiinkai
Ray Dolphin
EKF Taikai Coordinator


 Date Event
 29/30 June 2021
 Ungraded - Nidan Holders
 1 July 20021
 Taikai Individual Taikai
 2 July 2021
 Taikai Team Taikai
 3/4 July
 Sandan and higher graded Dan Holders 

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